Thursday, January 24, 2013

Attacking Mirrors

I've been attacking a lot of people I disagree with...which is kind of what you do when you disagree with someone. But to be fair, I've decided I'll attack the people I actually like. Now this is rather hard because the people I like are all *ahem ahem* fairly clever, reasonable and basically just not dog gone crazy fundamentalists.

So I've decided to choose Peter Rollins as my intended target...mainly because he's a fairly light-weighted intellectual (actually I'm not sure if I can even call him an intellectual despite the fact that he has a phd...its a bit uncertain when you're dealing with these continental type people...btw almost ALL theologians are continental type people. Btw don't know what I mean by continental type peope? Here you go. Oh also look how long the sentences in parantheses is).

Watch this

Okay let's begin.

Firstly he says "sometimes we say we doubt so that we're not horrified by the experience of it"

Sounds pretty cool until you think about religious people generally. They generally never say they doubt. They might say they have questions or certain issues, but doubt is a no-no. Anyone who finally gets to the point of "Man, I'm doubting this stuff" is not saying it to have himself a great time. He's not going, oh yea I don't really want to face the questions so I'll tell everyone I'm doubting. Who has ever thought that to himself?

Fair enough though, he does go on with a more toned down version of this. Not saying that people claim they doubt because they want to escape reality...but people who say its okay to question when really all they're doing is singing their same merry praise be to God songs.

For the next few minutes he's actually making sense...then he says "that's what we see on the cross"

Huh? doubt on the cross?

Peter Rollins: yea yea, when Jesus said "my God, my God why have you forsaken me?"

"this is not an intellectual doubt, he's still talking to God, rather it is a felt absence"

Wait a minute, so it's not okay to go around pretending to doubt, but when actually come to the core of doubting we're not really doubting God? We're just having some teenage existential pit of despair?

"it is this very thing that the church should be drawing us into"

Okay, but isn't that just the same old, oh I can doubt but still need to sing praises to God thing? Now you're still only questioning where is God but at the same time clinging on to the fact that there is a God.

And at the end you can hear in the background "I can't question God itself, I can only question my understanding of God etc."

seems like this guy is asking us to face our doubts in a way that affirms our faith, which in a way sounds really cool and deep...but is practically meaningless.

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