Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A nice distraction

I've been ranting on and on about topics like philosophy and theology that no one really cares about. So I thought maybe I'll talk about something else more relevant to the masses- music. In particular guitar music. In particular instrumental guitar music. In particular instrumental electric guitar music. Like Vai, Petrucci, Satriani and other Italian sounding names.

It's technical, sophisticated and well after a while downright boring. You get the feeling that all these people are merely  trying to create the next big guitar solo. So much so, that that's they only thing they focus on. It's amazing how elaborate the guitar solos can be and yet the backing track which they play on is mind-numbingly boring. That is the problem- too many of them are just there trying to create a solo...not music.

So when I first listened to this guy it was like fresh of breath air into my apartment during winter after I've just finished cooking but its too cold to air the rooms by opening any of the windows.

First thing you would notice, is that the guitar doesn't even play any melody until 1 minute into the song...that's because the instruments without any needless solo-ing are strong enough to carry the song. Even when Daniele Gottardo goes into some fancy nooding, it always feels like its complimenting the orchestration rather than merely floating above it. In other words, here is someone who finally is using guitar technique to create great songs rather than just great solos! The only other guitarist that immediately comes to my head who's guitar compliments the other instruments rather than overpowers is Shawn Lane.

 This is not to say that there are countless other guitarists who are amazing and who gain my respect, however they're all relics of the past. Vai, Satriani and Petrucci were groundbreaking in their day but we need new fresh input. Recently we've had Guthrie Govan breaking new ground in fusion but even he is very solo focused. I would personally like more guitarists interested in creating new music rather than creating new guitar solos.

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