Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Relic of the past

Found something I wrote ages ago:

Why should the young follow the old? Let us construct 2 reasons why they should.

1)They have more knowledge
2) They have more wisdom

The 1st reason in many cases can be false, thus it falls as a general rule. It is not universally true that the older you are the more knowledgeable you are. In the case of where the younger person is more knowledgeable, this argument falls.

The 2nd reason is hard to define.In general people say wisdom comes with age. Again what is the reason for this presupposition? Let's say wisdom=making correct decisions, there is no causal link with age. Maybe it has to do with the fact that older people have more experience. This is undeniable, if experience is defined as experiencing life, then older people in all cases are more experienced. Thus we create a 6 billion ladder of hierachy. Whoever is older with more experience can advise those below them. This means that our parents can advise us, but they have to listen to the advise of the other millions of people older then them. Besides, if experience is a measure of wisdom, then I would not want wisdom. There are many with lots of experience but who are not wise at all. Perhaps Badawi should take advice from the 80 year old homeless man because that man is older.
Thus the proposition is false. Young people should not follow the advice of the old as a rule in general.Good advice is not based on age but on the soundness of the advice.

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