Monday, May 20, 2013

The Social Gospel?

It's funny how Pentecostals  react to the social gospel or social gospel-ish thoughts. In a nutshell the social gospel describes the ministry of the church as promoting social justice. Social justice is not just a byproduct of the is the mission of the church.

However, when talking about ministry and "reaching out" to non-Christians, telling Pentecostals that we can just help those people without giving them an evangelical message simply blows their minds. I'm being serious... and not even joking. Okay maybe I'm joking a little bit. Pentecostals cannot imagine doing anything with non-Christians without bringing in some sort of conversion message. It's because first and foremost on their worries are the fact that all these non-Christians are going to be barbecued for eternity.

I am generalising of course, in fact my first encounter with social gospel like thought was in a Pentecostal church. Unfortunately those are a rare breed.

I think it's sad that the idea that ministering to non-Christians can simply mean being nice to them is such a novel idea in Pentecostal circles.

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